Land, Tenure and History

The South Arturo deposit is south-southeast of the Dee open pit beneath the Dee mine dumps and extending to East Button Hill. A total of 448 unpatented lode mining and mill site claims define the South Arturo Property and covers 3,627 acres (1467ha) of land that includes approximately 76 acres (31 ha) of private land. This land position is managed by the Barrick-Dee Mining Venture(BDMV) with Barrick as the manager.

Glamis Gold Ltd. purchased Rayrock Yellowknife Inc. in 1999 to become operators of the Dee mine. In1997, Barrick Gold Exploration Inc. entered into an exploration agreement with Dee Gold Mining Company to explore the Dee mine property. In July 2005, drilling by Barrick beneath the dumps of theDee open pit mine, led to the discovery of the South Arturo deposit.In 2009, Barrick resumed reserve definition and exploration drillingon the property. In May 2015, Premier Gold Mines Limited purchased Goldcorp’s 40% and Barrick commenced stripping the open pit at East Button Hill.