Thoughts from Chad Peters...

by Chad Peters


This morning we released some pretty exciting drill intercepts from the ongoing drill program targeting the CSD Gap horizon between the Helen and historic CSD underground deposits. The impressive thickness and high-grade results demonstrated by initial infill drilling of the CSD Gap horizon highlight the potential to significantly add to the resources at McCoy-Cove. As a result we recently added a second core rig to expedite the CSD Gap program. It’s an exciting time at McCoy-Cove and we hope today’s results are just an indication of what’s to come over the summer season.

When I first began working at McCoy-Cove it was a big change from our Canadian projects such as Hardrock, where it was hard to miss the visible gold in core. Carlin-type deposits are a little more subtle and characterized by pervasive decalcification/decarbonatization of carbonate host rocks, resulting in the textures seen in the core photo of PG16-06 ( Continued alteration of receptive host rocks results in the formation of collapse breccia’s followed by sulfidation of gold via fine-grained gold bearing sulfides such as arsenian pyrite.

Although this form of gold mineralization may not be visually impressive, the 190,000,000 + ounces of gold produced on the Carlin Trend speaks for itself!