Thoughts from Ewan Downie...

by Ewan Downie


Today’s press release is the culmination of discussions that have been active for well over a year, and represents an important achievement that reflects our willingness to seek innovative solutions in the name of creating shareholder value. We believe we have accomplished just that and look forward to moving ahead quickly to seize the opportunity. This is an agreement that addresses multiple needs for Premier.

Consistent with Premier’s strategy to secure accretive partnerships, this arrangement will broaden our already positive working relationship with Barrick in Nevada and provides certainty in processing a one-time bulk sample of underground material from the upcoming development and test-mining program of the Cove deposit. The mineralization at McCoy-Cove is high-grade, but also refractory. It will be processed at the same plant as the refractory ore we have been mining at South Arturo. It was important for us to get a processing agreement in-place prior to the start of the underground program and before completion of our McCoy-Cove PEA.

The agreement wil…